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Salesforce AI Cloud: 16 products on the roadmap

Salesforce AI Day

Just this week, Marc Benioff, CEO and Co-Founder of Salesforce, spearheaded the Salesforce AI Day with an intention to showcase the future of dependable enterprise AI, complete with live demonstrations and thought-provoking dialogues.

The highlight of the event was the introduction of the Salesforce AI Cloud. This is touted as the quickest and most reliable method for Salesforce users to implement generative experiences throughout their apps and workflows. The unveiling also included the Einstein GPT Trust Layer, a tool specifically designed to address worries related to the adoption of generative AI.

In the next 2-3 months – also called the “Summer of AI” , 16 new products have been slated for release according to the road map:



Breaking this down further we see the following 16 capabilities right around the corner:


  1. Sales Email Generation With Page Context
  2. Reply Recommendations
  3. Summarization
  4. Knowledge Email Creation
  5. Subject Line Generation
  6. Generative Search Answers for Service Agents
  7. Einstein GPT for Developers v1
  8. Sales Email Generation with Page Context
  9. Domain-Grounded Reply Recommendations
  10. Knowledge Creation V2
  11. Task Summaries
  12. Prod Description
  13. Segment Generation
  14. Generative Search Answers for Self Service
  15. Knowledge Email creation
  16. Insights Summaries





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