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Salesforce Security

How to change user password in Salesforce without providing the old password

Changing your password in Salesforce without providing the old password is generally not a standard practice for users, as it can pose a security risk. However, there are certain scenarios and methods through which a password can be reset or changed without the old password. These methods are typically used in situations where a user… Read More »How to change user password in Salesforce without providing the old password

SuiteCRM versus Salesforce

SuiteCRM versus Salesforce: Pros and Cons of each

SuiteCRM and Salesforce are two popular customer relationship management (CRM) systems, each with its own set of features, benefits, and potential drawbacks. Here’s a detailed analysis of both: SuiteCRM Overview: SuiteCRM is an open-source CRM solution, allowing businesses to customize the software to their specific needs. It is a fork of the well-known SugarCRM. Being… Read More »SuiteCRM versus Salesforce: Pros and Cons of each

Asset Library in Salesforce

Asset Library in Salesforce

An asset library in Salesforce serves as a central repository for storing and managing digital assets such as documents, images, videos, and other files. It’s designed to streamline the distribution and access of these assets across various departments and users within an organization, enhancing collaboration and efficiency. Understanding Asset Library in Salesforce Salesforce’s asset library,… Read More »Asset Library in Salesforce

Salesforce Functions

Introduction to Salesforce Functions

Salesforce Functions represents a significant evolution in the capabilities of the Salesforce platform, offering developers a powerful, serverless execution environment to extend the functionality of their Salesforce applications. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Salesforce Functions, including their application, examples, advantages, and potential drawbacks. Introduction to Salesforce Functions Salesforce Functions is part of Salesforce’s… Read More »Introduction to Salesforce Functions

SF Salaries

Breaking down Salesforce Salaries circa 2023

An analysis of Salesforce salaries involves considering various factors such as job roles, experience levels, geographical location, and the evolving Salesforce market. Salesforce, being a highly in-demand CRM platform, offers diverse career opportunities, each with its own salary range. Here’s a detailed breakdown: Job Roles and Salaries: Salesforce Administrators: They manage and configure the Salesforce… Read More »Breaking down Salesforce Salaries circa 2023

Salesforce Custom Development

Salesforce custom development versus Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce offers two primary ways to extend its functionality: custom development and utilizing applications from the Salesforce AppExchange. Businesses often face the decision of choosing between these two options to best meet their unique needs. This article provides a detailed comparison, discussing when to choose each option, and highlights their respective pros and cons. Salesforce… Read More »Salesforce custom development versus Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce Performance Testing

Performance Testing in Salesforce

Performance testing in Salesforce is a critical aspect of ensuring that Salesforce applications run smoothly, efficiently, and reliably under varying loads. This detailed article will cover key aspects of performance testing in Salesforce, including its importance, methodologies, tools, best practices, and challenges. Importance of Performance Testing in Salesforce Ensuring Application Reliability: Performance testing helps to… Read More »Performance Testing in Salesforce

Salesforce is #1

Salesforce vs. Freshworks vs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs. Zoho CRM vs. SugarCRM vs. Pipedrive

Salesforce, a leading CRM platform, faces competition from several notable alternatives, each with distinct features and pricing models. Below is a detailed comparison of Salesforce with its top 5 competitors: HubSpot, Freshworks, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, and Pipedrive. Salesforce vs. HubSpot HubSpot: Known for its scalable platform and robust free plan, HubSpot excels… Read More »Salesforce vs. Freshworks vs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs. Zoho CRM vs. SugarCRM vs. Pipedrive

Salesforce Triannual

Preparing for Salesforce Triannual Releases

Salesforce triannual releases are significant updates rolled out three times a year, usually in Spring, Summer, and Winter. These releases introduce new features, improvements, and bug fixes across various Salesforce products and platforms. Understanding these releases is crucial for Salesforce users, administrators, and developers to leverage new capabilities and ensure smooth operation.

Salesforce Einstein Activity Manager

Salesforce Einstein Activity Capture: A Guide for Admins and Developers

Introduction Salesforce Einstein Activity Capture (EAC) automatically associates emails and events to Salesforce records, keeping your sales reps updated without manual entry. EAC comes with Einstein Analytics, allowing sales reps to get AI-driven insights based on these captured activities. This tutorial will help both admins and developers navigate and exploit the features of EAC. Table… Read More »Salesforce Einstein Activity Capture: A Guide for Admins and Developers

Salesforce Saas

What is Salesforce SaaS?

Introduction SaaS or Software as a Service is a cloud-based service where instead of downloading software on your desktop PC or business network to run and update, you instead use an internet connection to access an application. Salesforce, one of the leading SaaS platforms, provides CRM solutions on a cloud-based infrastructure. This tutorial will dive… Read More »What is Salesforce SaaS?


Salesforce: The Ultimate Answer to Skyrocketing Productivity

Salesforce: The Ultimate Answer to Skyrocketing Productivity The current business world requires efficient, responsive, and intelligent tools to manage relationships with customers. This need is evident in the ongoing search by companies for the perfect CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. Enter Salesforce – a name that has become almost synonymous with CRM. It’s no exaggeration… Read More »Salesforce: The Ultimate Answer to Skyrocketing Productivity

Salesforce Glossary

Salesforce Glossary

Apex: Salesforce’s proprietary, object-oriented programming language for developers. API (Application Programming Interface): A set of rules that allow programs to talk to each other. Salesforce offers several APIs, such as the Bulk API, REST API, and SOAP API. AppExchange: Salesforce’s online marketplace for third-party apps built on the Salesforce platform. Batch Apex: A way of… Read More »Salesforce Glossary


Salesforce Code Builder: An Introduction

Salesforce Code Builder allows you to retrieve and deploy metadata from one Salesforce Org to another. Similar to Change Sets or ANT Migration Tools. Per Salesforce: Salesforce Code Builder is a web-based integrated development environment that has all the power and flexibility of Visual Studio Code, Salesforce Extensions for VS Code, and Salesforce CLI in your web… Read More »Salesforce Code Builder: An Introduction


Salesforce vs. Hubspot vs. Zoho CRM: The Undeniable Dominance of Salesforce

In the modern business landscape, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools have emerged as the backbone of successful sales, marketing, and customer service strategies. With numerous options available, businesses are often caught in a conundrum about which platform to choose. Today, we will put the magnifying glass on three of the most popular CRM tools: Salesforce,… Read More »Salesforce vs. Hubspot vs. Zoho CRM: The Undeniable Dominance of Salesforce

Salesforce Clouds

Popular Salesforce clouds

Salesforce offers a wide range of cloud-based services, each designed to cater to specific business needs. Here’s a list of the major Salesforce clouds, along with explanations of their functionalities, and a brief description of their popularity and use: Sales Cloud: This is Salesforce’s flagship product, designed to manage sales processes, customer relationships, and sales… Read More »Popular Salesforce clouds

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