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Benefits of DX unlocked packages over traditional Salesforce development

Unlocked Packages

Salesforce, as a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, offers a myriad of development opportunities. However, over the years, the traditional methods of Salesforce development have been challenged by the advent of more modern, agile, and efficient practices. The introduction of Salesforce DX, particularly its Unlocked Packages, stands as a groundbreaking shift in this landscape. This article elucidates the benefits of DX Unlocked Packages and argues how they simplify and optimize Salesforce development, positioning them as a must-have in your development toolkit.

  1. Modular Development for Enhanced Manageability

In traditional Salesforce development, as the codebase expands, it becomes more monolithic and unwieldy. This makes it increasingly difficult to manage, update, and debug the code. Unlocked Packages, a feature of Salesforce DX, offers a solution to this by supporting modular development.

This means that you can separate your metadata and code into different logical units, each representing a distinct business functionality. This modular approach simplifies codebase management, as changes in one module don’t affect others. It allows developers to work on separate pieces of the application independently, increasing the overall efficiency and reducing the risk of conflicts.

  1. Version Control for Better Tracking and Collaboration

Salesforce DX Unlocked Packages integrate seamlessly with version control systems (VCS). With traditional Salesforce development, keeping track of changes and coordinating among a team of developers can be a daunting task.

However, with Unlocked Packages and their VCS compatibility, you can track every change made to the metadata and code. This not only provides a clear history of modifications but also facilitates team collaboration. Every developer can work on their module, and changes can be merged systematically without overwriting each other’s work.

  1. Simplified and Streamlined Deployment

Deployment is another area where Unlocked Packages shine over traditional Salesforce development. In traditional development, deploying the entire codebase can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

In contrast, with Unlocked Packages, you can deploy packages individually, allowing for faster and more controlled deployments. This modular deployment also means that you can roll out updates or bug fixes to specific modules without affecting the rest of your application.

  1. Effective Dependency Management

With traditional Salesforce development, managing dependencies can become a complex task. Unlocked Packages, however, make dependency management more efficient. Salesforce automatically tracks dependencies when creating Unlocked Packages. This way, you can easily understand which components rely on others, reducing the risk of breaking dependencies during development or deployment.

  1. Better Test Coverage and Quality Assurance

Unlocked Packages facilitate better test coverage and quality assurance compared to traditional Salesforce development. Since packages are smaller, more manageable units, writing and running tests becomes much easier and faster. The modular nature of Unlocked Packages allows for isolated testing of individual components, ensuring that each part of your application is thoroughly vetted before deployment.


In essence, adopting Salesforce DX Unlocked Packages over traditional Salesforce development methods significantly simplifies and optimizes the development process. They offer advantages in manageability, version control, deployment, dependency management, and testing. By transitioning to Unlocked Packages, development teams can work more efficiently, reduce errors, and deliver high-quality Salesforce applications.

In the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of Salesforce development, staying ahead means adopting practices that offer agility, efficiency, and control. Salesforce DX Unlocked Packages provide just that, making them an essential tool for any forward-thinking Salesforce developer.

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