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Salesforce CLI Unification

User Salesforce CLI Unification: What is it about and what do I have to do?

Salesforce CLI Unification is a significant enhancement to the Salesforce Command Line Interface, designed to streamline and simplify the development process across Salesforce. This unification introduces a new, global CLI executable named sf, which aims to provide a unified command line taxonomy for cross-Salesforce development. Key Aspects of Salesforce CLI Unification: Unified Command Structure: CLI… Read More »User Salesforce CLI Unification: What is it about and what do I have to do?

Best Practices for Salesforce Flows

Best Practices for Salesforce Flows

Salesforce flows are a powerful tool for automating business processes and guiding users through a sequence of screens, decisions, or actions. With the power of flows, you can interact with the Salesforce database, make decisions based on user input or record data, and create a more tailored experience for your end-users. However, as with any… Read More »Best Practices for Salesforce Flows

Monoliths are not fun

Salesforce unlocked packages compared to monolithic orgs

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations are constantly looking for effective ways to manage and optimize their Salesforce implementations. As the Salesforce ecosystem continues to evolve, it’s essential for companies to understand the different approaches to Salesforce development and deployment. In this article, we will provide a detailed comparison of Salesforce Unlocked Packages and Monolithic… Read More »Salesforce unlocked packages compared to monolithic orgs

Salesforce OAuth Protocols

Salesforce OAuth Protocols

Salesforce is a popular cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps businesses manage their customer data and improve their sales and marketing efforts. One important feature of Salesforce is its support for various oAuth protocols, which provide secure authorization and authentication for third-party applications that need to access Salesforce data. OAuth is an open… Read More »Salesforce OAuth Protocols

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