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Access Control

Salesforce Sharing Rules

Sharing rules in Salesforce

Sharing rules in Salesforce are used to grant extended access to records for specific users or groups of users, especially when the organization-wide default (OWD) settings are set to Private or Public Read Only. They allow administrators to maintain data privacy while providing access to users who need it for their roles. Sharing rules can… Read More »Sharing rules in Salesforce

Salesforce Profiles

Profiles and Permission Sets in Salesforce

Profiles and Permission Sets are essential components in Salesforce that help in managing access control and user permissions. They work together to provide a flexible and granular security framework. Here’s a detailed analysis of both Profiles and Permission Sets in Salesforce: Profiles: A Profile is a collection of settings and permissions that determine what a… Read More »Profiles and Permission Sets in Salesforce

Salesforce Grant Types

Grant Types in Salesforce

OAuth (Open Authorization) is an open-standard protocol for authorization that allows applications to access user information from a provider without the need to share user credentials. Salesforce supports several OAuth 2.0 grant types to facilitate different authentication and authorization scenarios. Below, we’ll discuss each of these grant types and provide examples for each. Web Server… Read More »Grant Types in Salesforce

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